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Worldwide Shipping Helps Break Down Borders

Worldwide Shipping Helps Break Down Borders

In the skies and on the seas, at any one time there are thousands of craft which are transporting goods somewhere or other.

It's difficult to imagine just how far-reaching the logistics and haulage businesses are, yet they are vital to our everyday lives, in ensuring that the products we want are where we want to buy them from, at the time we want to buy them.

This massive industry not only moves goods around the world efficiently and reliably, but it is also geared to doing so on a timely basis. Routes and operations are tweaked and modified throughout the year to take account of seasonal variations in demand from consumers, and availability of products.

All this goes to show that goods, parcels and mail delivery is about much more than just getting items from A to B as quickly as possible, using the most efficient available means of doing so.

While setting on-time delivery targets can be a useful yardstick by which the success of those carrying out the deliveries can be measured, there are several other factors which have an effect on how smoothly the transit of any consignment is completed.

Firstly, and most importantly, is the expectation of the customer. Are the goods needed urgently by them, or have they ordered them so that they can be available at some unspecified time in the future?

Then, the nature of the goods has to be taken into account. Perishable items will be sent in the full knowledge that they will only remain useable for a certain amount of time. So the delivery schedule needs to reflect this, and if the goods are for re-sale, give the retailer enough time to be able to sell them while they are still at their best.

Finally, there is the capability of the deliverer to complete a timely delivery. Everyone knows that there is no point in making promises which cannot be kept, and in the delivery arena, this is vital. Travelling times between places often many thousands of miles apart have to be factored into any delivery schedule, which needs to be clearly communicated to all customers, in order to avoid letting them down.

Of course, many people and companies know that they will have some waiting to do to get the goods they want. But a delivery service operator who can precisely indicate how long that wait will be will win more plaudits from its clients for being honest with them than one which simply promises an optimistic delivery time, and fails to meet it.

As goods travel increasingly long distances around the world, the most important asset for any delivery business to have is honesty.

by: Alan Trotter
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