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Why Would You Buy A Rowing Machine Anyway? Benefits Exposed

Why Would You Buy A Rowing Machine Anyway? Benefits Exposed

A rowing machine is one of the greatest gym equipment one can own and use to get in shape

. It offers many benefits over other machines in terms of muscle workout as well as fat burning, but not only. Discover here 6 rowing machine benefits and see why you should exercise with it to get a great body.

Full Body Workout

The rowing movement involves your whole body thus providing a full body workout. Your legs, back, arms, torso, abs, shoulders get involved when you row. The rowing machine will help you strenghten and develop your muscle mass.

Fat LossWhy Would You Buy A Rowing Machine Anyway? Benefits Exposed

For the same reason your muscles are worked out, you will also burn calories, thus fat. Indeed, challenging your whole body requires energy (calories) and you can have a very intense workout on a rowing machine. No wonder why this is a favorite of fitness enthusiast as a cardio training machine.

Core Strenght

All your core muscles being involved mean you're getting a strong fundation. Core strenght is important as it just makes your life easier. By this I mean your body is ready to face physical activities that require strenght.


If you are a rower, you certainly want to improve your oars racing performance. A rowing machine is the ideal equipment of course that will help you focus on that activity. You will increase speed, strenght, stamina, coordination and flexibility overtime. It can also be used for other sports.

Low Impact

A rowing machine is a low impact gym equipment. You're not going to have tons of weight on your shoulders and back and other bones or joints. This is not really the purpose of rowing anyway, but the variety of speed, involvement of many muscles and other skills mentioned earlier will get you in great shape, safely.


This is certainly more fun to exercise on a rowing machine than other fitness equipment. Treadmills, ellipticals, bikes mostly require just one movement and involve one or two muscle groups at a time. You already know it's completely different with rowing. Not only the physical side of exercising is better, but the psychological part is also improved. You're not getting bored and reduce stress at the same time.

OVerall a rowing machine is a great fitness equipment that can get you in shape and make you a better athlete. For working multiple muscles at the same time as well as losing weight burning tons of calories, this is a smart investment. You can have a full body workout while having fun and developping sports skills.

by: Tom Leroy
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