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Medical Equipment Finance - An Overview

Whether you own your own practice or thinking to start a new

, medical equipment finance becomes necessary. A lot of sophistication came into medical equipment. Updation of the equipments is necessary. Most of the people are not able to keep pace with changing technology and the new innovations that have paved our lives. It becomes difficult to pay cash at the time of payment for the highly rated equipment these days. Finding a finance for your purchase is the need of hour.

The market is flooded with lenders. But before you put your foot in the market for medical equipment finance, Check out the easiest way- Online Resource. The internet is the best place to start with. You can find a dearth of information related on internet. Companies who are into this business, do also provide the information on their websites. They offer you the quotes, you can customize according to your needs and have the easiest deal in the world.

The other option is of the local lenders in your area. Research on them too if you are not satisfied with online business. They give you the best rate as many times they are in need of the business. In case of local lenders , you don't have to worry about the time it will take for the payment to arrive nor have to speak with someone .

There are several advantages of a financed purchase:-

1.It somehow save the cash flow. The cash flow doesn't deplete.

2.You can earn a higher-income yield than the interest rate of the loan.

Lets take a look at the disadvantages too

1.A high interest rate.

2.A high Down payment.

There is something else that you can opt for .And this is medical equipment lease. An alternative to traditional financing. With a lease, the equipment is used by you but it is owned by the leasing company. You can have a open- ended and closed- ended lease. Open- ended is the one where you return the equipment after the lease expires. Closed-ended is the one where you can retain the equipment after the end of the lease. in which case the leasing entity retains the equipment at the end of the lease term.

As a thumb rule, the higher the balance owed at the end of the lease, the lower the monthly payments.


1. No down payment is required.

2. Lower interest rate or the residual payment.

3. Obtain more purchasing power from a given amount of available cash.

Disadvantage - More Interest is paid.

Finally, it is you too decide, the current cash availability and projected cash flow can make you finance the acquisition. This could be done with outlaying the lowest possible cash.

by: Sanjana Sharma
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