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How To Reach Probate Leads In Real Estate Investing

How To Reach Probate Leads In Real Estate Investing

One of the most profitable real estate investing ventures is inherited property - probate. Accessing probate leads can mean big profit Probate real estate investing, or investing in inherited property, is one of the most profitable real estate investors in investing ventures. Accessing probate leads can mean big profits for your real estate investing business.

We look at where to find probate leads and the best ways to market to them. How do you find inherited property?

Local courthouse your county court house is the best place to find probate leads. In my local counties, there is a place where all probate filings are displayed. Probate filings always include the name of the deceased, the executor, also called administrator and beneficiaries.

The executor is usually an attorney. In my experience, this role is frequently delegated to one of the beneficiaries to reduce attorney fees. Beneficiaries are usually relatives, and are the ones who have inherited the property.

Publications In my local market, there are publications that list all filings in the county court system. These publications list probates as well and provide a good source of leads.

If you live in a big metro area, you may have similar publications in your market. You will have less work because you will not need to go to the courthouse for probate leads.

Probate attorneys you might get good leads from probate attorneys. In my business, they are not an important source of real estate leads. Attorneys have never been a source of any deals for me, even though I have contacted them. But this may be because I concentrate more on courthouse leads and publications.

4) Realtors most people trying to sell their house will first try to list it with a Realtor. MLS listings can be a source of probate listings too!

You can easily identify these deals easily if you work with a Realtor. Marketing to probate leads once you get the names of the deceased, the next logical thing is to find out if they owned real estate marketing. You can do this on your local county website. The property may still be in the name of the deceased, or their estate such as John Doe Estate.

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