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Damage Restoration And Homeowners Insurance

Damage Restoration And Homeowners Insurance

Families don't plan to need damage restoration services

. Unexpected things happen and when the event is over, it is time to clean up and try to get the living space back in order. On their own, a homeowner has a daunting project ahead. It isn't just the hard work that needs to be attended to as soon as possible. It is also trying to work with the insurance company to see what is covered. Often disaster relief companies work as the liaison between the homeowner and the insurance company.

Initial Estimate

When looking at the house, the initial damage restoration estimate is not always accurate. Depending on the damages, it takes time to get into the home and check out all of the different parts that could be affected. It is tough to decide whether or not the flooring will need to be completely replaced when it is under a few inches of water. It also doesn't allow the homeowner or professional to see any damage that the foundation of the home may have sustained. While an insurance adjustor may come to an estimate, it is important to remember that other issues could come up somewhere along the line.

Read the Policy CompletelyDamage Restoration And Homeowners Insurance

It is not always easy to determine what is and is not covered by homeowners insurance. For example, flooding caused by the kids leaving the faucet on or a tub overflowing is usually not covered. On the other hand, if the roof of your home is damaged or comes off in a storm, the damage restoration inside your home may be covered. While you can call your insurance company and get an idea of whether or not something is covered, don't overlook the importance of checking things out on your own.

Get out your reading glasses and your highlighter. If you believe that any part of the policy is applicable to your situation, highlight it and go back to it when you are done. This way, you can piece together what type of damage restoration is going to be covered. After reading, if you still have questions you can contact your insurance agent and look over all of the details together.

Making Arrangements for Payment

Even if your homeowners insurance covers the damage restoration, you will still need to take care of your deductible. In some cases, this will need to be paid upfront, before any work can begin. If you are not covered, look into all of your different payment options. Some companies allow customers to finance their work. Others will require the money right away. If you find yourself in a difficult situation with money, consider only doing the work that is necessary first. Then, you can save money and get things completed when you can afford it.

by: Andrew Stratton
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