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Conference Calling From A Mobile? How To Ensure Voice Quality And Free Access To The Call

Conference Calling From A Mobile? How To Ensure Voice Quality And Free Access To The Call

Hosting a conference call through a mobile phone has become increasingly popular

especially where an emergency may arise during a development of a project. Although it is easier to host a conference call from a landline, there are steps that can be taken to ensure voice quality and free access to a call from a mobile phone.

There are a few limitations when it comes to hosting conference calls from a mobile device. More than five or six participants during a call is not possible and therefore, Teleconferencing is not possible when the number of participants is large. In addition, conversations cannot be recorded, which is a major drawback if you need to refer to the call in the future. In order to overcome these drawbacks, Teleconferencing Service providers such as 03TALK constantly improve on technology with devices and software to make this possible. Conference call technology now supports a variety of mobile phones including iPhones, BlackBerry, and Androids.

With companies expanding in order to make a global presence, conference calls on the move are a crucial part of their business. Mobile devices require accessing a network and enabling participants to hook up to a conference call. One method is to use third party software on your mobile device that allows you to set up a conference call in a few simple steps. Such software offers a variety of features such as schedulers and contact book. However, you will need to check with the service provider about the feasibility of conference calls .

One of the popular options is dialling into a conference bridge . Many providers like 03TALK offer affordable dial in Teleconferencing Services, where you only need to pay for the cost of the call. Voice on these types of services is also of a high quality while participants are allowed free access to the call. Thanks to advancement in smart phone technology, web connectivity is more stable which in turn leads to better quality Conference Calls. Many mobile phone operators offer free minutes as part of their service plan across the UK, which includes calls to 03 numbers. Therefore, most conference calls can be made free.Conference Calling From A Mobile? How To Ensure Voice Quality And Free Access To The Call

The main advantage of dialling into a Conference Call from a mobile phone is that a participant need not be confined to a desk or a conference room. Thanks to advancements in mobile and conference call technology, scheduling a mobile conference call is much easier, providing participants with great flexibility.

by: Kieron James
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