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7 Tips for Designing your own Business Cards

7 Tips for Designing your own Business Cards

Your business card is one of the most effective ways of getting your name out there

. It's arguably the best marketing tool there is. Able to be slipped into letters or handed over casually, a business card will always be widely accepted. Your business card is the window into you, your business, what you sell and how well you sell it. All of this needs to be clear and straightforward on your card so quality is an important factor when it comes to business card design. Cutting corners in this area will make you seem unprofessional immediately. So, to help you and your business run smoothly, here's 7 tips for designing your business cards:

Quality stock. Use good quality, thick card stock for your business cards. Business card printing services will be able to tell you which is the best stock to use. Go with their recommendation. Your card should be solid, with sharp corners, appropriately glossy and able to hold the ink well.

Logo. Use a professional designer to create your logo if you haven't already. Never under any circumstances should you use a clipart picture for your logo or for any graphics anywhere on your business card. Your logo is important and should make you stand out above your competition, so having a professional design and produce is properly is your first step to proper branding.

Have a catchphrase or slogan. Your customers will remember you all the better if something stands out in their mind. If it's not clear what you and your business does from the name alone, a witty or catchy slogan is a must.

Colour. Using colour in your business card will highlight it amongst the rest. Business card colour printing is, as a rule, more expensive than black and white. But effective use of colour will make the business card all the more attractive to your potential clients. Bright or solid colours work well, but try not to saturate the card with colour, generally one quarter of the card in colour is attractive, and usually not more than half. Using colours in combination with black and white is very effective.

Including your details. Your website is a must on your business card, but also include your email address. If your worried about your email address being out in the public arena, have a separate one set up just for your business card enquiries.

Text and font. Your business card's purpose is, above all else, to promote you and your business. Potential clients need to be able to read it without straining or having to reach for a magnifying glass. Insist on an easy-to-read font and font size. Shy away from novelty fonts and never ever use Comic Sans.

Standing out. Consider the limitations of business card printing and design, then try and break them. Thinking outside the square with your business card design will show your customers that you think outside the square in other areas too. Think about designing the card vertically, or some people have even added a game or a crossword to their cards.

Using your imagination is key. Think about business cards you've seen in the past. Good quality emanates off a solid card with clean looking text and graphics flimsy cardboard and visible ink-jet printer lines look anything but professional. Your business card could be the biggest little investment you'll ever make.

7 Tips for Designing your own Business Cards

By: Steve Roberts
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7 Tips for Designing your own Business Cards