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6 Compelling Ways To Influence People To Purchase From Your Home Business

6 Compelling Ways To Influence People To Purchase From Your Home Business

You've created your home business website

, you've decided which product or products to promote, you have your Internet marketing plan in place and you're driving a steady flow of traffic to your home page; now you want to close the deal and make sales.

People are influenced by many different situations and factors online which help to make up their minds whether or not to purchase. Here are several strategies you can implement to help sway them in a positive direction.

1. People like to make deals and feel as though they've gotten a bargain. Offering some type of benefit upon purchase is an excellent way to make your potential customers become paying clients. Several ways to accomplish this is by offering a free gift with each purchase, including a 30 or 60 day money back guarantee, giving a free training or information session after buying or by offering a discount toward their next purchase.

2. Before you ask for a decision try to establish a relationship with your visitors. You can do this by providing a free gift in exchange for their contact information, by offering a free subscription to your ezine or newsletter, by giving a free information session or demonstration of how to use your product before they purchase, by supplying free trial subscriptions to your membership site and by providing payment plans to make their purchase decision easier. People are more likely to do business with someone they feel they know rather than with a stranger.

3. Portray yourself as being personable and down to earth. You want people to like you because your home business website visitors are more likely to say yes to someone they like rather than someone they don't care for. To help establish this relationship always use your potential customer's first name in all communications with them, tell them about your background and where your from, include some personal stories, ask for suggestions on how to improve your website and your home business and make sure you have a picture of yourself on your website and in your email correspondence.

4. Try to present yourself as an authority in your particular niche. You can accomplish this by writing and publishing articles related to your website theme, by including testimonials from satisfied customers on your website, by teaching a course related to your niche, by compiling your articles into an e-book which you can offer for sale on your home business page and by using celebrity endorsements of your products. People are more likely to purchase from someone they respect as an authority figure in their particular field.

5. Make customer service your top priority. Follow up with your clients to find out how their new product is working for them, offer any help you can, provide a customer service hotline to help with any problems they may be having and email free perks to your customers on a regular basis to show your appreciation.

Staying in touch with your clients and offering your services helps establish a trust relationship which goes a long way toward the possibility of follow up business. Also when you have happy customers they tend to spread the word by telling their family and friends about your home business. Word of mouth marketing creates the potential for more new clients for your home business.

6. Create a sense of urgency in your sales script. Imply that if people don't act now they will never have this opportunity again or they will miss out on some terrific bonus for purchasing early. Make this a limited time offer and add a count down clock to your website to reiterate this fact. Tell your visitors that your price will increase on a certain date and they must act now. If people think they are going to lose out by procrastinating they are more likely to act sooner than later.

These are six very effective strategies you can employ to urge and influence your potential customers to become paying clients of your home based business now rather than later.

by: Bob Withers
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