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6 Common Myths Associated With An Arizona Social Security Lawyer

Do you think you might be entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits or Supplemental Security Income Benefits

? Are you considering hiring an attorney to help you out? If so, you've probably run into a lot of misconceptions along the way. Don't allow these common myths and half-truths keep you from hiring an Arizona Social Security lawyer who can help you win your case.

Myth #1

You don't need a lawyer to get the benefits- This myth would better be described as a half-truth. You might be able to get your Social Security disability in Arizona on your own. Maybe. About 40% of people are awarded benefits on the initial application - some of these without legal help and others with such help. That's less than half. However, hiring an attorney will ensure that you go about it the right way. An attorney can interject appropriate objections to make sure that you don't unnecessarily go to exams that make prevailing on your claim later more difficult or impossible. An attorney can develop evidence early on in your matter to give you a better chance of winning your matter without having to wait for a hearing. That means you raise the odds early on in your claim. They'll walk you through the process and you can breathe easier.

Myth #2

Any lawyer will do- Don't just choose a random lawyer. Do your homework. How much experience does the lawyer have in cases like yours? What's the lawyer's track record? Will the lawyer fight your case although the way through the process - including to the United States District Court and the appellate courts if necessary? Is the possible representative even an attorney? Whose interests is the attorney/representative most concerned with - yours or a long term disability carrier's? Make sure the lawyer you choose comes highly recommended or has been peer reviewed and has excellent credentials. Otherwise, you might be reducing your odds of getting the results you need.

Myth #3

Getting benefits is easy- False. You are much more likely (approximately 60%) of getting denied than you are of getting awarded benefits at the first step. So be ready for a fight. When you hire an Arizona Social Security lawyer, you set yourself up for victory. It's a very important step you can take towards getting the money you need.

Myth #4

If you get denied benefits, it's over- Look, don't fret. Lots of people get denied on their initial claim. That doesn't mean it's over. Don't give up! Speak with an Arizona Social Security lawyer and see if you have a case. Once you confirm that you do, he will help you build a solid claim and you'll get awarded what you deserve. Think perseverance!

Myth #5

Hiring a lawyer means dealing with red tape- Many people have painful experiences with lawyers. They're not available when you need them. You grow used to speaking to paralegals, secretaries, voicemails-everyone except the guy you're paying. However, this doesn't hold true with all lawyers. Many attorneys will make themselves available as often as possible. These are the attorneys you need to find.

Myth #6

They're too expensive- Don't let this stereotype keep you from getting the help you deserve. While you do have to pay a fee if you are awarded benefits - you are improving your odds of obtaining benefits at an earlier stage of the claim and the fee you are paying comes out of past due benefits. So, it is often to your financial benefit to hire someone - since 75% of something is a lot more than 100% of nothing. And, the Social Security Administration regulates how much a lawyer can charge you. That means, there's protection that you won't be charged unfairly.

It's time to separate the facts from fiction. Do some research and find the help you need. Hire an Arizona Social Security lawyer to help you with your case today!

by: Alan Schiffman
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