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5 Things To Look Before Investing Into Learn Spanish Cd Course

To find really good learn Spanish on CD in the jungle of hundreds Spanish language programs might be a challenge

. The reality is that many of Spanish software reviews you can find on internet are written by people who are biased towards selling the course they are promoting.

How to make educated decision which Spanish course is the best one?

The best approach would be, first of all, to compare features of most popular learn Spanish courses side by side. Here are top 5 things to look for that are fundamental in a good quality learn Spanish on CD program.

1.Audio lessons

First of all, find out whether the course has Spanish audio lessons. Learning with audio has proven time and time again a very effective method, especially for audile people (those who better remember information by hearing it).

Small children first learn by listening, and only then kids learn how to speak and write. Listening to learning Spanish audio lessons on CD is especially useful if you are restricted by time you can spend in front of computer. It is easy to convert audio files from CD to MP3 format that you can upload to MP3 players and IPods. You can listen to audio lessons anywhere on the go in the car or while exercising in gym.

2.Active participation

Just listening to Spanish audio files as repetitive drills will probably be of little value. Very important is to find the course that encourages active participation from your part. It can be done through recalling words or phrases from your memory while listening to audio lessons. How fast you will learn Spanish in many ways depends to what extent you will be encouraged to active participate in lessons.

3.Variety of learning tools

In addition to audio files, first-class learn Spanish CD course has a large variety of different learning tools.

The features to look for are interactive software for building vocabulary, learning writing and grammar. Does it have build-in self tests to check personal progress? Also, some good programs include culture lessons. In this way you can learn Spanish within the context of real life environment.

There are some exceptions to this, though.

Pimsleur Spanish and Michel Thomas Spanish CD courses are only audio based and do not have any other software tools. Nevertheless, these are time proven and effective learn Spanish audio courses that have been sold millions of copies worldwide. Lessons are designed in a way that encourages active recall of words and student participation. The only drawback for both courses is that if you want to learn how to write and read in Spanish, you would need to take some additional course.

4.Integration of learning tools

Important aspect is to know if all learning tools are well integrated together. Ideally, you listen and actively participate in Spanish audio lesson, then reinforce what you have learned with other methods such as games, quizzes, grammar exercises and tests.

Good examples of well integrated systems are Tell Me More Spanish and Rocket Spanish courses. The later is less expensive, but offers similar value.

5.Practical knowledge

Check whether course teaches you academic expressions or real life conversations. There are programs around that claim to teach you vocabulary of 10000 words, but many of these words have no practical use. In fact, in everyday speech we use just 1000 words.

You do not need to learn so many words, but you need to learn how to apply them as soon as you learn them.

Among other things to check is whether Spanish course CD is compatible with your computer operating system ( Windows or Mac).

Last but not least is to try free lessons or demos offered by most of the top Spanish course merchants. This will help you to decide whether the course is well suited for you or not.

These are the basic tips for you to make sure you know what to look for in a good quality

learn Spanish CD software

by: Inesa Torres
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5 Things To Look Before Investing Into Learn Spanish Cd Course