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5 Signs Your Emotions Are Taking Control Of Your Investing

Each investor starts out believing he has the key to achievement

. That he's just as smart, if not smarter, above 99% of other people out there.

It generally doesn't take long for him to discover that he is one of the 99%, not one of 1%.

The best successful investors of all time -- Buffett, Lynch, Templeton -- knew from the very beginning which what stands among mediocrity and greatness is the idea to think from the head, not the heart, and to face by one's convictions.

No one starts out thoughts, "Gee, nowadays I am going to make all of the errors in book." But when the markets start roiling, only those with an iron constitution can stop their feelings from taking control. Human beings are hard-wired to react emotionally, especially in terms of money.

As the greats already grasp, the emotional reply is almost every time the wrong response. But if you guide yourself to make out when your feelings take over, you might take clear action to hold them at bay.

University of Chicago professor, Richard Thaler, specializes in behavioral finance. He's identified many common biases that result in poor investment decisions.

Look back on most horrible investment decisions you have made. More than likely, you made one of the top 5 mistakes Thaler identified. Will any of this look familiar?

1. I followed the herd. There's comfort in knowing you are a part of a group. However the camaraderie you are feeling cheering together with fans of your favorite team are the precise reverse of what you should feel while making investment judgements.

This is a well-known axiom which the group piles in on the top of market and frantically sells at the bottom. If the crowd were at all times correct, making money in the stock market could be easy and we'd completely be billionaires.

Next the group means at top you'll be equal to everyone else, whether they succeed or else be unsuccessful.

2. I worried a lot regarding the cost I paid. If you bought a stock 2 months before at $35 plus the value have decrease to $28, it does not count from an investment standpoint what you originally paid for it. The buy price only matters whenever you sell. Selling simply because costs decline will only lock in losses.

In case you make your mind up to hold your stock, you are essentially telling, "I am eager to purchase this stock at $28."

Your investment thesis doesn't change just because the share cost declines. If the original evaluation remains valid, then the share cost is irrelevant. Only at the time the facts has altered in case you reconsider your initial study.

3. I forgot why I decided to buy the stock in the first place. You understand the market bounces to-and-fro every day, yet you still obsessively observe the ticker tape. You did set your smart phone to send you latest prices minute-by-minute.

Unless you're a day trader, watching the minute-by-minute ticks is a waste of your time. It is only sound. Your investment thesis was accurate, so stick with it until the information change. Next carry out your exit plan. You have one don't you?

4. I sold at the time I was scared, and I purchased at the time I felt it had been safe. Baron Rothschild in particular said, "The best time to buy is when there is blood in streets." It's the famous policy that everybody will recite, but little may follow: Buy less and sell high.

Warren Buffett bought at the time the economy as well as the stock market was more doubtful in the year 2008 as well as 2009. Commentators speculated that Buffett had finally lost his touch, that there is no way his investments might ever produce profits. Everyone was scared that the world economy was going to collapse. Buffett believed it was a good time to buy.

5. I became unreasonably friendly to a unique investment or design. You like a firm and its goods. The share cost has increased, surpassing your wildest expectations. You are worried that the shares are over priced. But you simply"cannot"put up for sale.

It is a variation of "anchoring bias". The company may be good for you. You love it. You are dedicated to it. The situation would be the shares are not able to love you back. Share cost is completely indifferent for your devotion. In case you know your investment is over priced, stick with your primary investment thesis. Pull the trigger and sell.

Be the cold computing investor you know you can be. Put away your feelings in the gate. Your portfolio will thank you.

by: Mark Nicholas
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