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5 Perpetual Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Home Business Website

5 Perpetual Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Home Business Website

After you've created your home based business online you'll spend much of your time generating traffic to your website

. While devising your Internet marketing plan you'll be trying to create new and innovative ways to bring people to your products. One technique you can try, in a variety of different ways, is perpetual marketing.

So what is perpetual marketing? This Internet advertising tactic can be described as an agreement between various Internet marketers or home business owners online to promote one product and to share the ensuing traffic from this promotion. Here are five different strategies you can use to implement this technique but I'm sure there are others you can create yourself.

1. Write an e-book based on your website theme to give away to your visitors. For example, if your home business promotes Internet marketing products create your book about a related topic such as driving traffic to your home page. After writing your book contact other marketers online and ask if they will promote your product from their website as a freebie in exchange for advertising space in your e-book.

You can also request that they link directly to your home business when promoting your merchandise because your ad will also be displayed in your e-book. Depending on how many other Internet marketers you can convince to join your campaign the traffic generated can number in the thousands or even reach six figures. The beauty of this strategy is you can write a different e-book each month and repeat the process thereby creating perpetual traffic to your home page.5 Perpetual Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Home Business Website

2. Instead of an e-book you could create a contest on your website and provide advertising space to other home business owner's, on the contest page, who agree to promote your competition. Once again, depending on the number of Internet marketers participating, your website viewer ship as well as your quantity of potential customers should increase exponentially.

3. Create a seasonal giveaway event from your home business home page. For example, promote a Christmas giveaway and convince other marketers to donate Internet marketing products to make available for download, free of charge, from your website during the event.

All of the business owners participating will promote the event to their email lists as well as on their websites and their products will contain links to their home pages so your visitors can also check out their merchandise. This is a win win situation for everyone concerned including your website guests who will be able to download quality merchandise free of charge.5 Perpetual Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Home Business Website

4. You can also vary the groups you approach to participate in your perpetual marketing scheme. For example, instead of approaching other website owners with your e-book you could ask ezine owners to promote your product in exchange for advertising space in your product.

5. You could also create an auction from your home business site with all the proceeds going to your favorite charity. Once again, invite other Internet marketers to make products available to the highest bidder on your home page while promoting the event before hand to their email lists as well as on their sites. Of course your participants will benefit from having their links contained in their merchandise so your visitors can visit their home pages.

As you can see perpetual marketing can create perpetual traffic to your home based business online and the techniques you can employ are only limited by your imagination.

by: Bob Withers
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