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401k Plans And Your Retirement

When you are planning for your retirement, a 401K plan is a good place to start

. This a very special account that you fund with pre-tax earnings and is deducted from your paycheck each pay period. These funds are then invested in a variety of bonds, mutual funds, and stocks, and no taxes are charged upon it until the funds are withdrawn from the account.

Congress created this in the early 1980's and is used as a vehicle for saving for retirement. There are many benefits of a 401k plan that can make an excellent financial net when it comes time to retire. Some of the advantages include, tax, match programs initiated by employers, the flexibility to customize your investments, portability, and the ability to withdraw for a loan or hardship cases.

Most employers match a portion of the employees 401K contribution as a appealing factor of keeping employees. Some employers will even increase the amount of their match when the employee works for them for so long, it all depends on the company. It is of your best interest to invest the maximum amount you can to the 401K to fully benefit from this program. Additionally, the 401k plan allows you to customize your investments and are flexible in this manner as well.

One very flexible and appealing option of the 401K plan is the fact that if you decide you change employers you have a variety of options available to you. These options include, leaving the 401K plan with the employer you are leaving, the administrators could begin to charge you money for keeping the records and managing your account. You also have the option of rolling over your 401K to your new employers 401k plan. You could also do the rollover and put it into an IRA. This will allow you to control the allocation of your assets meaning you are not limited to only what your employer provides. Your last options is to cash out, pay the taxes, plus a possible penalty fee.

It is important that you investigate all options and properly weigh the pro's and cons of each, this will help you to make informed, educated, and practical decisions that will benefit you and your future retirement. After working hard all of your life, many people like the comfort of knowing that when they retire they will have some sort of financial backing to help them out.

by: Jayden Briggs
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401k Plans And Your Retirement