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4 Ways To Increase Your Dental Assistant Earnings Potential

After completing at least two years of dental assisting education

, you have presumably already started working as an assistant after your dental assistant internship - either you were absorbed by the dental clinic where you interned or you were able to find a job on your own. Whatever is the scenario, you probably are thinking of ways on how to increase your earning capacity.

Increasing Your Earning Potential

You can still increase your earning potential if you follow these tips:

Have yourself certified. Some assistants do not even consider having themselves certified thinking that they can still find employment even without certification. Although this is true in terms of salary, non-certified assistants receive $2-$3 lower than certified practitioners. Likewise, it is important to note that some States prefer hiring certified dental assistants as opposed to non-certified assistants. Even if you prove yourself effective on the job, you will still find it difficult to transfer to other dental care assistant employment opportunities if the State requires licensure and certification before practicing the profession.

In addition, certification adds credence to your experience as a dental assistant - further guaranteeing that you are very much qualified to practice as one.

Earn your experience points. If you are just starting on the job, do not expect to receive average pay of about $18 per hour right away. The most you can get is $8-$9 per hour if you are just starting and up to $15 hourly if you have earned at least a year or two of clinical experience. However, as you become more familiar with the job and with years of practice behind you, your salary will increase by up to 25% of your initial pay.

Consider working in high-paying States. Where you practice your profession determines the amount of salary you will receive. Since not all States pay a standard rate, you might want to consider moving to States like Columbia, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Alaska where salary for dental assistants range between $41,000-$47,000 average per annum. On the other hand, States such as Arkansas, Utah, and Alabama are among the States that pay the least for assistants.

Before making a decision to move to another State, study the cost of living in the area first because although you might be moving to a high-paying State, your expenses might be higher than where you are currently living. In the end, you might still end up with low salary.

Work at having higher educational credentials as an assistant, and then specialize. Compared with someone who completed a vocational course in dental care assisting, graduates of 2-year dental assisting degrees would have more employment opportunities. Thus, work your way through a degree course to open up more career options for you. Consider further education on specialized dental assisting programs such as orthodontics or periodontal assisting because having specializations instead of working as a general dental assistant offers much higher salary potential.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the market for dental health care professionals is huge and there is a projected need for more than 100,000 dental assistants in the years to come. Grab the opportunity now and be among the first to reap the rewards of becoming a dental assistant.

by: Glenda N. Fowler
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