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4 Key Sectors You Should Consider When Investing In Edmonton

You might either be familiar or new to Edmonton city in Canada

, but you will realise that the city is an economic hub and a favourite location for investors. The city has grow from the 1970s due to the oil boom to a modern city with all the social, economic, financial, technology, human resource, education and sporting aspects all rolled into one.

Anyone wishing to invest in Edmonton will notice the myriad opportunities in the financial sector, real estate market, education, technology, media, tourism, hotel and hospitality industries among others. The big multicultural population of over one million people makes Edmonton a lucrative zone for conducting any kind of business. Continued migration of people to Edmonton also creates a perfect environment for investment in any area of your choice.

Invest In Hotel and Hospitality Industry

Edmonton is situated 640 miles east of the Rocky Mountains in Northern Canada. The beautiful and unique scenery that adorns Edmonton offers a lifetime opportunity for investment in the hotel, tourism and hospitality industry. If you are an investor and want to put your money in the right place, invest in this venture for better returns on your investment.

Financial Investment

Friendly regulations of the financial industry in Edmonton favour investment in the finance and banking sector. When you choose to invest in the financial sector, you are sure to reap from the presence of many entrepreneurs and businesses opportunities available in Edmonton. Once you invest in the financial sector in Edmonton, you will capture the different groups of clients, who include the low income groups that are often ignored by the big multi-national financial institutions. Opportunities for investment in community banks, micro-finance institutions and other small and medium size financial institutions are so many in Edmonton.

Social Investments

There is this category of social investors in Edmonton. They comprise of educational institutions, hospitals, insurance firms, religious institutions, NGOs, and other investment groups, whose ranks you can join. As an investor in this category, you will be contributing to long term beneficial objectives to the city of Edmonton. As a social responsible investor, you will be creating a sustainable environment where every body benefits in some way.

Invest in Real Estate

The real estate industry in Edmonton is a lucrative area to direct your investments. There is a growing number of people and families who are purchasing homes or rental apartments. So, if you are planning to invest in property development in Edmonton, you are on the right track. The real estate value appreciates by merely 5 per cent, so you will soon recoup your investment once you enter this industry as an investor.

One of the leading Edmonton Insurance firms is Jacober Financial Group. To find out more, visit their website at

by: Ann Smithson
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