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3 Ways A Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help A Client

Sometimes people in Florida find themselves in trouble with the law

. They need someone to defend them whether they committed the crime or not. A skilled Florida criminal attorney can make sure that the person's rights are protected from the moment the lawyer is contacted. Here are 3 ways a Florida criminal defense lawyer can help a client.

Swift Action

When someone is arrested and charged with a crime, the judicial process takes time. Sometimes the prosecuting attorney takes their time in having a case tried in court. If no one is there to make sure the case moves swiftly, the defendant could sit in a Florida jail for a long time while awaiting trial. A knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer can make sure that their client's case is moved forward promptly and that the other side does not drag its feet. A savvy attorney can also argue to have their client released from jail on bond before trial, when possible.


There are many different facets to being charged with a crime. Those that go to trial require a skilled lawyer to present all of the facts and information in the case. However, some defendants never see a courtroom. This may be due to a plea bargain, or having the charges dropped due to lack of evidence. Sometimes the whole case may be handled before the trial date. A strong defense lawyer can file paperwork necessary to have a case thrown out entirely, when possible. They may also be able to get fines, jail time or charges reduced.


When someone is arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), many things happen at the scene before the suspect and officer go down to the police station. A Florida DUI attorney will check to see that all procedures were properly followed. For example, if the suspect refuses to take a breath test, there are unique penalties and procedures for this in Florida. The driver's license will automatically be suspended. In another instance, if the police officer did not read the defendant the Miranda rights warning before arresting the suspect, the charges could be dropped. Even if proper procedures were followed, the driver could have been treated unfairly. The prosecuting attorney's case against the driver may be weak. If the driver was wearing high-heeled shoes while performing sobriety tests, it may be illogical for the prosecutor to argue that the defendant was unsteady on her feet due to alcohol. A strong Florida DUI lawyer can poke holes in the prosecution's case, giving the defendant the best possible outcome.

by: Christine Harrell
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3 Ways A Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help A Client