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3 Tips for Choosing the Best DUI Defense Lawyer

Author: Steven Magill

California is beautiful ,but it also has a high rate of DUI arrests. With over 14,000 arrests for driving under the influence each year, it's safe to say that these courts are kept very busy with these cases. The attorneys in this area also kept quite busy.The penalties for this type of driving offense are very steep here. For the first offense, you may spend 48 hours to six months in jail, pay a fine from $390 to $1000, and lose your driving priveledges for up to six month. You are also required to take alcohol/drug rehabilitation classes. If it's your fourth offense in San Diego, you could spend from two to three years in the a California state prison. You would also lose your license for up to four years. Any DUI case can also have your vehicle impounded for up to six months. While you may think that you are just going to defend yourself, it's not a wise move. You need to find an experienced DUI lawyer who knows the area, the police, the courts, and other important factors.If you're arrested in this great city for DUI, there are three tips you need to know in order to choose the best lawyer. The right lawyer may be able to keep you out of jail. Here are the three tips you need to know:Tip #1 You Need an Attorney that Understands the court SystemThe best attorneys understand how the system works in this great city. Every city and county is different, especially when it comes to dealing with the court system. A new member of the California bar practicing law may not know all the ins and outs of the courts yet. They also may not be familiar with all the nuances and considerations needed to get things done. However, one that is experienced with the courts, prosecutors, and judges may be able to work a deal where you get to keep your driver's license. They also may be able to keep you out of jail.Tip #2 You Need an Aggressive Attorney that Can Fight Effectively for you in the Court SystemYou need an attorney that will fight for you. You don't want one that will simply take the first plea offered by the prosecutor, unless that is your best deal. It's important that they will carefully examine your case. There are several reasons that may get this type of case may end up dismissed. For the right lawyer will know how the police and sheriff's departments work in this area. Your attorney needs to be thorough in examining everything about the cases - not just trying to get your money and the easiest disposition they can. A lawyer who is familiar with the police and sheriff's departemnts here is also a plus. If there is any sign of discrepancy from these law enforcement agencies, a DUI attorney will know how to find out more information.Tip #3 You Need an Attorney that Doesn't Run a "Cattle Call" Business.There are many attorneys that offer deeply discounted rates for driving under the influence cases. For people without a lot of cash, this may seem like a good thing, but in fact, you can become nothing more than just a number. You certainly don't want your attorney to forget your name or your face as you appear for court! Avoid these types of "cattle call" attorneys and be more than just a file on his desk.A Final Thought or TwoHow do you find the right lawyer? Start with talking to your friends and family members from the area to see who they recommend. Many attorneys here have a website that lists their areas of practice. The local yellow pages is also a good place to start. When it comes to paying the retainer, some lawyers will take payments once you pay a sizeable chunk of the retrainer. Remember that the court and the police officers cannot recommend an attorney. Besides, do you really want to take their recommendations?
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Finally! You can choose the right San Diego DUI Defense Lawyer for your case! There are several tips and secrets that you should know about these cases and I'll show you these and much more information! The key to staying out of jail and keeping your driver's license is hiring the best San Diego DUI Defense Lawyer!
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3 Tips for Choosing the Best DUI Defense Lawyer