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2010-11 NFL Season(from Stone_Colds),so interesting!

All 16 NFC teams...

New Orleans Saints: To busy celebrating from last season. Ryan and Turner are back and healthy in Atlanta. Better wake up New Orleans. Dreams don't last forever. Prediction: 7-9

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Young QB josh Freeman goes into in 2nd year starting. I must be the only one that thought he showed a lot of promise last season. Won't be in the playoffs but should improve. Prediction: 6-10

Carolina Panthers:Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen are expected to compete for the starting job. Moore threw up pretty good numbers last year. I think if Moore started they be a good team. I don't think the same can happen though with Clausen. They should be able to compete for the title. Prediction: 9-7

Atlanta Falcons: Ryan and Turner were plagued by injury last season. Depends if Turner can the same runner he was in 08. Ryan success depends on the running game. Predition: 9-7

St. Louis Rams: Ummm Good luck Bradford? At least you got Steven Jackson so it can't be too bad... Prediction: 2-14

Arizona Cardinals: I'm very interested in to seeing what Leinart will bring to the table. Will he be the same QB we saw during his early years or has he improved? Prediction: 4-12

Seattle Seahawks: New Coach, aging QB, running game looks non-existant, Lendale White released. Traded for QB Charlie Whitehurst during the offseason. Looks like they're looking at the future. Prediction: 5-11

San Francisco 49ers: Same situation with Arizona. Their defense is good, running game is good, Crabtree is a star in the making. The only question is their QB. In my opinion should have drafted Clausen when they had the chance, but I still think they should be able to win this division. Prediction: 8-8

Minnesota Vikings: Favre gone (I think), they have 3 QB to choose from. Most likely T. Jackson will start. They were 10-6 with him at one point so they should be able to clinch a wild card. Prediction: 10-6

Green Bay Packers: The favorite to win the NFC North. Aaron Rodgers biggest problem was holding onto the ball too long. He needs to get it out quicker if he hopes to stay healthy and get his team to the playoffs. They win the this division. Prediction: 11-5

Chicago Bears: Jay Cutler, Mr. Int, will move into his 2nd years. No one is probably more relieved than Chicago fans when Favre retired (and they hope it stays that way). Supposedly Hester is being moved back to KR. Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings might be fighting for that last wild card spot. OP is gonna hate me for this but they miss playoff. Prediction: 9-7

Detroit Lions: Detroit might have a star offense in the making, but their defense is very shoddy. It a good thing Suh finally signed his contract. The Lions have made some good draft picks the last few years. Just a few years and maybe the Lions can contend. Prediction: 7-9

Washington Redskins: Acquired Donovan McNabb comes in, new coach, pre-season hasn't started and trouble has brewed. This team won't last long. Prediction: 3-13

New York Giants: New stadium, new defensive coach, all is good right? Eh probably not. Hard to believe it been 2 years and a half since they won that miracle bowl. Owner should have probably waited before he started handing out big contracts. It gets worse from here. Prediction: 5-11

Philadelphia Eagles: Kevin Kolb is the new starting QB for the team. One of the youngest teams out there. The average age on that team is 28. No question this team is rebuilding. It hard to believe though. Dawkins, Westbrook, and McNabb. All gone within a year. Prediction: 8-8

Dallas Cowboys: Well hey it America team! Looks like it make it or break it season. Super Bowl is being played in Dallas, TX. No team has ever played a Super Bowl in their city before and you know Jerry Jones would love to be the first one. Imagine if they don't though. I imagine if they don't reach the Super Bowl, Wade will be gone. I wouldn't be surprise if Romo was gone to. He needs to show he is a true elite QB in this league or he just another QB. Things are already off to a bad start for Dez Bryant with the incident a week ago. Now he has a high ankle sprain that will leave him off the field for 4-6 weeks. High expectations for this team. We all know how what happens when they are under high expectations. Prediction: 13-3 #1 Seed

AFC Prediction

Pittsburgh Steelers: Ben Roesthilisberger miss 6 games max, 4 on good behavior. Regardless they'll need Dixon or Leftwich to step up if they wanna at least get to 2-2. They get Troy Polamalu back after his injuries last season so that defense should be back to it feet. Though missing Roeshilisberger for 4 games will hurt them and cause them to miss the playoff. Prediction: 8-8

Cincinnati Bengals: You all heard it. Free agent Terrel Ownens signed with Cincinnati Bengals a week ago. Palmer has always been around with great receivers so this is nothing new. A lot of pressure for him as he has yet to have a playoff win. If Benson can continue to run like he did last year it will be a dangerous team. Will be fun to watch them. Prediction: 11-5

Baltimore Ravens: They look to make the playoffs for the third consecutive year with Flacco. They added some new recievers for Flacco he will be even more dangerous. I don't think they will be able to compete with the Bengals for the division title, but a possible wild card spot. Prediction: 9-7

Cleveland Browns: Well the city is in shamble after LeBron James left Cleveland for Miami. Who knows if it will have any effect on the Browns though. Cleveland ended on a 4 game winning streak last season after a disaster start in the season. They have a possible future QB in Colt McCoy waiting in the wings something they haven't had in a long (They had Quinn but that was doomed from the start).I see a lot of good things in the future, but not this year though. Prediction: 6-10

Jacksonville Jaguars: Jack Del Rio job is on the line this season. They have missed the playoff for the last two seasons though last season it was a injury plagued season for them. With rumors that the teams might be moving, low attendance, one of the toughest schedule in the league it looks like it all going downhill. It a shame. They were a Super Bowl preseason pick not that long ago. Prediction: 5-11

Tennessee Titans: Vince Young took the team to 8-8 after the team started 0-6. Chris Johnson finished the season with over 2000 yards. Not a lot can say that. If they can carried from last season, I can see them battling for a wild card. Prediction: 9-7

Houston Texans: After being the "sleeper" team for a while now it seems no one is showing no more love after a disappointing season for the last three years. Not to mention they have the #1 hardest schedule according to based on teams record last season. I believe the team will finally have their breakout season. Remember they lost multiple games by a touchdown or less last season. They overtake the Colts for the division title. Prediction: 11-5

Indianapolis Colts: Colts hope to return to the Super Bowl this season after a disappointing end to last season. Usually teams that lose the Super Bowl miss the playoff the following season. Only two teams in recent years and those were 06 Seahawks and 09 Cardinals. I think Colts will miss the playoffs and have losing record for first time in a long time. I'm probably way off on this because Manning always do the impossible but I'm sticking to this for now. Prediction: 7-9

Buffalo Bills: Bills signed RB CJ Spiller to a 5 year contract just a few days ago (As if they didn't need more RB how bout getting something you need like a QB?). They better hope all their running back all run for 1000+ yards. Aaron Schobel was released ( or retired forgot) so the defense just got worse. It going to be a long season for these guys. Prediction: 1-15

New York Jets: All the hype are surrounding the Jets this preseason. I think they are capable of taking the division, but I don't think they are as good as people are believing them to be. Will Sanchez continue to progress? Do they have a stable running game with Jones? Will LT make a difference? Will they ever give Revis a new Contract? Prediction: 7-9

Miami Dolphins: Well Chad Henne is one happy QB as they were able to get Brandon Marshall from the Broncos this off season. Marshall broke the record for most catches in a game last season against the Colts. I don't know how good Henne will be so it will be hard to decide to predict where they will be. Maybe a wild card? Prediction: 9-7

New England Patriots: The Patriots return after a disappointing lost to the Baltimore Ravens last season in the playoffs. They get Wes Welker back after being injured in the final week of the regular season against the Houston Texans. Chances are he will not be a 100% at the start of the season. It clear that not having Wes Welker is a huge hit on the Pats offense. Predidction : 10-6

San Diego Chargers: It is clear that San Diego won't be in the same division as they have been for the past few years. With all three other teams making huge improvements it safe to say Chargers aren't a lock to win the AFC West anymore. Not only that they have multiple players holding out who won't report to the Chargers until week 10 if a new deal won't get done. I hit that panic button Chargers fan. Prediction: 3-13

Denver Broncos: After a surprising 6-0 start all was right until they lost their next 8 of 10. Yes they drafted QB Tim Tebow but it obvious he won't start. QB Kyle Orton looks to have another great season after throwing for nearly 4000 yards and 29 TD, but it not clear as whether if Marshall was the reason or not. Prediction: 8-8

Kansas City Chiefs: Maybe Kansas City Chiefs should be renamed Kansas City Patriots because Charlie Weis and Romeo Carrnel was hired in the offense to be the offensive and defensive coordinators. They also drafted Eric Berry, one of the top safety in the draft so expect a big improvement in the defense. Prediction: 8-8

Oakland Raiders: Well Jarmarucs Russel is gone so the spirit in the lock is pretty high right now. New QB Jason Campbell looks to have a great season in Oakland. Although he was only able to pick up 4 wins for his former team, in terms of passing he had a decent season throwing for around 3600 yards. Defense has been hugely upgrade with Rolondo McClain and DT John Henderson. I think anything below 8 wins is a disappointment for the Raiders. That being said I think they go Prediction: 10-6

2010-11 NFL Season(from Stone_Colds),so interesting!

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