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Resolve Teeth Sensitivity Through Treating Gingivitis

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Hi. Im Amanda.

I have seen people who have recovered from periodontal disease through treating gingivitis aggressively. These people have completely resolve gum swelling, tenderness, redness and gum bleeding, which is the most common signs and symptoms of gingivitis. However, these people seem to have one more concern. They all have not completely recovered from tooth sensitivity after suffering from gingivitis. I have done some research regarding the occurrence of tooth sensitivity after suffering from gingivitis. I found out that after experiencing gingivitis, the tooth enamel, which usually coats the teeth are worn out. Another reason for teeth sensitivity is gum recession, which exposes the nerves located at the dentin. These nerves are very sensitive to temperature. A tingling sensation is often felt by people who have sensitive teeth. Looking into the common cause of teeth sensitivity, it is apparent that the only way to manage this condition is apply an artificial teeth coating or use a special oral care product that is designed for sensitive teeth. However, I am on the line of looking for the best approach of treating gingivitis as well as the presence of teeth sensitivity.

Authors reply concerning treating gingivitis and teeth sensitivity

An individual who has undergone severe gingivitis and has recovered from it will definitely experience teeth sensitivity. This is because the protective coating such as the enamel is absent or it has already been worn out by the disease. This absence of enamel will expose the nerves that run inside the roots of the teeth to outside factors. When cold or hot beverages are ingested, the nerves are stimulated, which leads to a tingling and painful sensation of the teeth. This will make it hard for individuals to take in any food. The disturbing feeling will definitely alter ones appetite and ability to perform oral care. Taking teeth sensitivity for granted will subject the individual to have gingivitis and tooth damage overtime. Special toothpaste has special ingredient that targets gingivitis and teeth sensitivity. However, if the roots of the teeth are already affected, root canal must be made to protect the teeth. Overall, since gingivitis can lead to future teeth sensitivity in the future, treating gingivitis at its very early stage will prevent enamel destruction. On the other hand, treating gingivitis with mild oral care products will significantly reduce the possibility of washing out teeth enamel.

Home remedies for teeth sensitivity from treating gingivitis

People who have gingivitis are prone to develop teeth sensitivity. For this reason, oral care must be done carefully. In brushing ones teeth, it is best to use soft bristled toothbrush to prevent eroding the enamel. In treating gingivitis, acidic foods must also be avoided because this can significantly make teeth sensitivity worst. Use milder forms of oral care products when treating gingivitis. These types of products are less invasive and gentler to the surface of the teeth. For individuals who have gingivitis and have already develop teeth sensitivity, it is advisable to take extra careful on using all types of oral care product in treating gingivitis.

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