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Benefits Of Investing In A White Gold Opal Ring

Gold has always been considered to be symbolic of the eternity and brilliance of love

. A gold engagement ring is an evergreen option and has always been so. But recently, the trend seems to have changed slightly. More and more couples deal with the problem of amalgamating tradition with uniqueness. The desire to break away from the conventional is as strong as to not be too radical in a ceremony that is in essence an age old tradition. Therefore, gold has given way to white gold and an opal ring has given way to white gold opal ring as the new wedding ring favorite.

A common question is whether white gold is really gold. The answer to that question is a resounding yes. White gold is gold that has been mixed with other metals to change its color. The metals that are mixed could be silver or nickel or palladium. In most cases, the white gold opal ring ends up more dazzling than a sterling silver opal ring or a plain opal ring. The presence of an added metal, Rhodium, gives the white gold engagement ring extra strength and endurance. Though this coating of Rhodium might wear off and would require redoing every few years, it is nevertheless functional.

White gold engagement rings are often highlighted by the presence of an opal stone. A normal opal ring is able to reflect all colors of the rainbow. This makes opal a very colorful stone. In spite of the legend that attaches itself to opal, it really is not a stone that brings bad luck. There are many qualities of opal that are often neglected and thus, the beauty of the stone itself goes unrecognized and wasted. Therefore, a white gold opal ring would have both the brilliance of white gold and the beauty of an opal stone.

The many unknown or rather, unacknowledged benefits of opal are its effect on the love life of the wearer. An opal ring can increase understanding within two partners of a relationship and can solve marital problems. A white gold opal ring is perfect for engagements as opal helps removes the delay the couples might face for their marriage. Opal is the ideal stone to improve wealth as well as mental health. It brings peace of mind and helps boost your career. At the same time it solves financial problems and helps you obtain all material benefits.

Opal is the stone of Venus. Venus is associated with marriage, romance, love and children. It monopolizes your emotions and dictates your relationship with the opposite sex. That is why an opal ring can add that extra edge to your personality and the wearer might notice a never before felt comfort with the opposite sex. It helps your relationships and is the final word when it comes to love and marriage. Combine that with the beauty and value of gold and what you have as an end product is a beautiful, symbolic, unconventional and beneficial white gold opal ring for your engagement.

by: Sharon Evans
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Benefits Of Investing In A White Gold Opal Ring